Some Riojans and Catalans walk into a bar. It sounds like a joke, but that’s really how Democratic Wines started. Stick around and we’ll tell you all about where we are and what we do!


Nestled in the heart of the Penedès wine region, this 24 hectare estate is where we carry out two of our favourite pastimes: making wine and throwing parties. Casa Berger is our 100 year old wine cellar with a hell of a lot of past and even more future. A lot has changed since 1878, when an Alsatian dandy named Jean Baptiste Berger founded a small bodega that bought and sold wine. These days, the third generation of the Virgili family aims to transform this traditional wine cellar, until now specialising in bulk wines, into a new reference point for bottled wines. And while we’re at it, we’re going to enjoy the ride.

To talk of Maetierra is to talk of innovation. It is probably the only cellar in the Rioja wine region that is dedicated to producing white wines, and that’s why we love them. In 2003, we even created our very own D.O.: Valles de Sadacia. A young cellar (its first vintage was in 2001), it has already harvested more prizes than vintages and it is where we create our Bienbebidos and Spanish White Guerrilla wines. Oh, and we have a castle. With four turrets. Red ones. With cannons.

The brains behind DW can be found in Barcelona. Virgili Bros is a nebulous cloud of crazy ideas and unique products that are bursting with Democratic colour and difference. They take care of designing and promoting all the DW products, experiences and parties. You can find them in Barcelona. Please, don’t look directly at them or feed them (not before or after 12)…

We have them spread out in all four corners the world. They are an unstoppable team of men and women who defend the pleasure of drinking wine from the minute they rise in the morning to the moment they tuck themselves back into their beds. They are a happy go-lucky bunch and overcontribute on a daily basis to the average amount of litres of wine drunk per capita. If you are looking for them at night, you’ll most likely find them holed up in a karaoke bar somewhere. They are living proof that you don’t have to have a good time in order to have a drink.

If our sales team is the fuel, these guys are the motor of this outfit. The unstoppable force behind this democratic movement is based in Logroño, where you can find our entire administration and finance team. They are the maestros of numbers and partying. When not in the office, you can find them propping up the pincho world on Calle Laurel.