Wine is a democratic drink. We are fighting to bring it back to the people and overcome prejudice. Drink it however you please: on its own, with ice, with tonic, in a glass or in a wineglass, straight from the bottle. It doesn’t matter, just drink wine. Long live emancipated wine!
Ease Wine is easy. You don’t need to be an expert sommelier, a wine expert, a chemist, or a quantum physicist to enjoy it. You just need to be thirsty and up for a sesh. Anything else just gets in the way.
WINE = PARTY HARD We can’t imagine wine without a party or a party without wine. That’s why we celebrate everything in style at DW. We have held pro-wine demonstrations, huge fancy dress fun runs, tastings that end up in orgasmic rapture, and we’ve still got loads more wine!
Bag in box If you’d told the Romans 3000 years ago that wine would be served in glass bottles, they’d have laughed their head off at you. We are convinced the Bag in Box is the new bottle. Don’t know what it is? Download our PDF.
WE ARE HERE TO BRIGHTEN UP THE WINE WORLD We like fresh ideas, dynamic challenges, beautifully energetic people, and ass-kickingly great wine. These are the things that make Democratic Wines tick.